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President of MEHSUS FOUNDATION (Mrs. Priyanka Singh Falak Naaz Jibraeil) declared (on 8 January, 2012) following Awards
On the Succesful Completion of 1st year of Foundation of MEHSUS, its President Mrs. Priyanka Singh Falak Naaz Jibraeil declared following awards on the basis of work done by Post Holders in different fields during the year :
Administration Field Communication Channel Community Development / Field Work
Mr. Vivek Thakur (1st) Mr. Shivendra Mohta (1st) Mr. Rajendra Kumar (1st)
Mr. Mohit Pandey (2nd) Mr. Pankaj Kumar (2nd) Mr. Shamshad Nisar Azmi (1st)
Ms. Mamta Sharma (2nd) Ms. Beenu Pandit (2nd) Mr. Himanshu Sharma (2nd)
Mr. Mohd. Tanveer (3rd) Mr. Jagdish C. Ojha (3rd) Mr. Yasir Masroor (2nd)
  Mrs. Meera Rani (3rd)
  Mrs. Savita Sharma (3rd)


1. Date of Award distribution is 18 May, 2012.

2. Prize in Cash with Medal and Certificate.

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