Movement For Education, Health and Social-Security For Under-Privileged Segments.........
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Dr. Jibraeil 591, Nisa House, Doharra Mafi, Distt- Aligarh (UP) & D/o History, AMU, Aligarh (UP)
S.No. Name Address
1 Mr. Shams Imran Mohalla Nawab Khan, Inside Delhi Gate, Molerkotla (Punjab)
2 Dr. Suraj Rao Singh Sukhadiya University, Udaipur (Rajasthan)
3 Er. Azizur Rehman Khan 437, First Floor, Sector-14, Gurgaon (Haryana)
4 Dr. Imran Aziz Department of Physics, Shibli National P.G.College, Dist. Azamgarh (UP)
5 Mrs. Priyanka Singh Falak Naaz Jibraeil 591, Nisa House, Gali No. 03, Near Abdullah Masjid,  Doharra Mafi, Hadinagar, Aligarh-202002 (UP)
Profound commitments usually are the products of hours and hours of deliberations. It would be futile if we try to trace the origins of MEHSUS, or more precisely the idea of MEHSUS, at a particular point in time. The seeds of this idea are as old as the association of its founders, which goes back to the late nineties when almost all of them were students and also hostlers. The credit should actually go to hours and hours of discussions on almost all aspects of life and society accompanied by a constant quest to find out the areas where our individual or collective interventions could make a difference. It was almost unlikely that this small circle of friends could have achieved anything beyond good intentions, if not for Dr. Jibraeil and his equally dynamic wife Mrs. Priyanka Singh Falak Naaz Jibraeil. It was them who with the help of friends like Mr. Shams Imran, Dr. Suraj Rao Singh, Er. Azizur Rehman Khan and Dr. Imran Aziz gave a concrete shape to those ideas of youthful idealism and MEHSUS came into being.
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